Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sudah Shopping? A Journey Called Jloi Apps is in Ovi Store now!

Ohh Clevis-Tachi just back from shopping at Ovi Nokia!

Click here to read if u have no idea what is this :D

Anyway, if u guys notice back to few weeks i put one image on my side bar and mentioned tat "A Journey Called Jloi" is available in Ovi Store now! Well, what r u waiting for? it is ur chance to grab the apps into ur Nokia phone now ;) Oh dun worry bout price, it is totally free!!!

Here a simple guide on how to download my apps.

1) go to web. Make sure u login and choose what phone u r using ;)
2) Where is my apps? well u can click here to go the page directly or search ur own by typing "A Journey Called Jloi" in search bar. U'll see Clevis icon ;)

3) Click "Send to Cell" if u r visiting this through computer or just click download if u use Ovi Store apps directly from ur phone ;)
4) what else? Enjoy "A Journey Called Jloi" apps everywhere anytime! U'll get all latest update from my blog! :)

Well isn't this is a perfect shopping for this coming Chinese New Year? Coz it is totally free! :D
If u already downloaded my apps, Thanks and stay tune for my blog update! I'll work hard on updating it :D If u havent, do it now kay? ;)