Saturday, February 19, 2011

LousangTwtup with Restoran NJ Zenith

p/s yes my blog is lack of update now. sorry to all my dear reader, i am busy with my assignment. It is my final year, gotta work hard on it. If u wanna c any short update of me feel free to follow me in Twitter (while it still public LOL) or visit my new created Tumblr ;)

Went to #lousangtwtup with Shannon on 13th Feb at Restoran NJ Zenith. It was organized by April & Chris for tweeterian, a dinner + lousang and some bonding session among twitter user ;) They book almost the whole restaurant as in 2/3 tables was taken by us! LOL ganas! I am like a big big boy (some of them actually tod jackieloi is girl wtf) who lost in the restaurant. Only knew few familiar faces in there LOL

* Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon *

* Ready to lou *

* every great Yee Sang will alwiz ended up that way *

And here are the food served to us. It cost RM35 per pax including the yee sang.

* Beancurd and Crabmeat Soup *

* Roasted Chicken *

* Butter Prawn *

* Steamed Siakap Siam Style *

* Steamed Mushroom with Broccoli *

* Golden Fried Rice *

* Twin Combination Desserts *

As usual, i think is not my nature to social in wide crowd. Prefer small crowd though. So i am actually quite quiet in the whole nite. Some might tod i m lansi..mayb? ;P

* Yam Seng/Siu Siu moment *

* with sayang Shannon *

* with "Tan Sri" Chris *

And overall, this is one of the meet up i have been ;) over 40+ people lou 4 yee sang in the same time is awesome!

* Group photo credits to Aaron *