Saturday, February 26, 2011 Launch, 100th Woman International Day

Attended this event on last Wednesday. In conjunction of 100th Woman International Day, present a stage performance at Actors Studio, Lot 10.

* Speech b4 the show begin *

* Me and sayang Shannon in the hall *

Well basically those ppl were standing in front of the stage and presenting their true life story, regardless involving theirself or their friends to all of us. Obviously, they are survivor of abuse.

Yes, all of them survive. They are brave enuf to standing in front of the stage and telling us their story. They manage to send to msg to us to stop abusing. It is wrong to begin with anyway however human still tend to do it, regardless to woman, children or even animal abuse, if u still remember the poodle case that published on news last month.

It is a great talk i attended. Feeling sympathy and wanted to help them, hereby i hope all of u manage willing to login to and sign up by filling up your name and email there.

Some pics with friends who attended on that night :)

* with poke poke Michelle *

* lastly, with sayang again ;) *

Say no to ABUSING and protect everyone right! The world can be change starting from u :)