Sunday, February 13, 2011

My CNY Mini Open House

Last friday i had my own mini open house for CNy with friends. For those who attended last year and this year, u know what is this :) Basically my house wasnt big enuf n as usual, no heavy food served, thus we dine in into nearest restaurant, Ong Meng seafood. Having my 3rd Yee Sang session with friends :)

Some Random pics and familiar face :)

And as usual, some blackjack and poker session in my house later. No Mahjong since i dun feel like disturbing both my left right neighbour since they are indian LOL..guess they suffer alot on CNY period XP

Thanks for those who coming! Cayenne, Samantha, Jeffro, Zhao, Ken, Alex, Jacq, Marilyn, Mike, Shannon, Xiang, Victoria & Samuel. Hope can have this kind of things again next year. oh might shift it to my 1.5st floor LOL