Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Revealed! : Meet the Tabbie!

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I am happy with my new family member! if u been constantly know i am whining about it, then u'll know i gonna get this into my family! Yes i mean Tabbie! He is born on last wed!

What is Tabbie? well he is Samsung Galaxy Tab! Why Tabbie? Coz i gonna use it as gaming, internet tablet and second phone :P Why not Apple Ipad? since it is cheaper. Nah! Not a huge fans of apple. Their iOS never impressed me. Plus, Android implemented Flash which i can happily browse any website with flash. Plus Android have true, i repeat, TRUE multitasking. In addition, 7inch is nicely fit into my palm. Ipad just too big to handle by my palm LOL

Hugging Tabbie sleep everynite and i felt i started to neglect my BB. Sorry BB! I still love u! U r still awesome k? :D

i am proud to say i am DroidBerry user now :D Screw apple hahahaha