Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stuff That Put a Smile on my Face this Morning

Uh i woke up late this morning. I duno why but it have been time since i can sleep tat long. Usually it only happen if i am drunk or high alcohol on d previous night. Feel like some CNY hangover now after some mini open house session in my house last nite with friends..

Anyway today i am suppose to go Digi Center before head to Xiang birthday party to settle some bill and plan change for my Blackberry. For your information, i am using PC Fair promo plan on last year August.

The plan was RM28/month for the first 6 months only and after that it'll revert back to Digi Smart Plan RM68 UNLIMITED. but to be honest do i need UNLIMITED that cost RM68? answer is nop for me. I only use my BB for twitter, email and BBM. Dun even surf web on it coz load slow like hell and small screen. Thus i decided go Smart Plan Lite, RM33 + RM10 for BIS once Digi announced that plan back to last 2 months. That plan had 300mb limit. Sweet enuf for me since i dun even exceed 10mb per day in my BB (mind u i got data alerter apps).

ok enuf of my craps, so basically i plan to go Digi Center to change my plan but since i woke up late, i abit lazy to do so. Thus i tried to call Digi helpline to change my plan but failed to connect to them, one of d reason why i alwiz hate called customer services. Suddenly it remind me of D'Chat system in Digi Web! *jeng jeng jeng*

It is in Digi Online Customer Servive (OCS) web page. Once u login ur accound u'll see D'chat option on ur left bar. U get to choose ur category and hit begin after that. A chat box will pop out like MSN.

Dun worry, they are not computer operator tat chat wif u, it is real Digi Staff :) here is my conversation with he/her LOL (in fact got 2 felor serve me n i dun even know who m i talking wif XP)

Well, isn't tat put a big smile on my face this morning when i dun even need waste my time n money to go all d way Digi center to do my procedure :)

Another reason to love and why i love Digi! U guys rocks ;)