Friday, February 18, 2011

Xiang 21st Birthday Celebration

Geez, delayed this post. Been reli pretty busy with my work and dun reli have sweet time for myself to blog properly. Last sat, I attended Xiang birthday celebration in his condo, yes it was a pool party. Not to mention, 21st adi =3

Brought my DSLR along but realize no more battery after i reached...i did d most idiot stuff which forgot to check the battery a day b4 went out..sigh..thus i took this opportunity to used my tabbie to shoot. Oh yea, everybody love my tabbie lomo camera ;) eventhough it is gigantic lol

* DoubleS, Samantha & Shannon *

* Birthday boy ;) *

* Finally a pic of me with Jiayeen & Vic *

* Of coz a pic wif sayang ;) *

Well, kinda not in d mood to social on tat day itself..guess bcoz i m pretty tired n exhausted. And the social range is too big n wide for me =X oh well, i m not socialable guy anyway, say me lansi or what, tats me :P

* 2 dame huge candle with a tiny 1 in d middle LOL *

* Friends ;) *

* Thats d entire guest tat attended his birthday *

Oh well, since it is pool party, obviously the birthday boy gonna get throw into pool sweetly rite? i din get to record d video, but got this video from Xiang blog itself :)

Well, i guess it is alwiz awesome to have friend around to celeb ur birthday but as in for me, i love to keep it simple :)

Anyway Happy Belated Birthday again Xiang! u r a year older again~ jeng jeng jeng *level up*

none lomo pics courtesy of Xiang & Shannon