Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yee Sang with Friends at Fu Wah!!! Huat Ahhh!!

Yesterday went to lunch with my uni friends at Fu Wah Restaurant, located in Taman Len Seng. Nicol claim the restaurant is cheap thus we give it a try. However, our main objective is to get Yee Sang and Lou it kao kao XD this gonna be my 3rd time lou sang in this year.

* Yee Sang *

The Yee Sang was bought separately by Nicol since most shop only had yee sang started on 1st Feb. Others than that, we ordered 6 dishes. One of them are "4 King Heaven" (not in pic) that contain 4 differences vegetable.

* my favourite Salted Fish mix Pork :D *

* Toufu *

* Pineapple Pork *

* Onion Chicken, one of the best ;D *

* Yau Mak *

Had a nice lunch with everyone and tried out my lomo camera effect ;P

* Sharon, Lea Ngar & Bala moment *

* Nicol texting bf moment *

* Nelson & Joey gay moment *

* and finally Joe with his tea moment *

The bill cost total rm106. Not bad for 6 dishes rite? considering we ordered 3 types of meat and 3 types of Vegie.

Anyway, CNY is coming! Tmrw is reunion dinner :) gotta back my grandma house and might unable to update blog. So i wish u guys Happy Chinese New Year and more ang pao to be enter my pocket pls XD haha