Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Convoy to Penang : Arrival of 1st Avenue

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From my previous post, i mention that i was in a green porsche. Actually the duration i in there just 30 min, until we reach the first pit stop :P Then i switch back to normal car. Reason? i wanna sleep and the porsche sound engine too "orgasm" till i cant take it -____- mind u, i only slept 2 hours a night b4 that.

We arrived Penang 1st Avenue around 1.30am and the convoy team reach later (they waited us damn long on d last pit stop LOL). They park all their car outside the 1st Avenue woops. And alot ppl came out to take pics on that time.

* Human mountain human sea *

On the same time, the mall was having activities for the Drive Angry movie. A question will b throw by the emcee and the one who can answer will able to win themself a pair tic for the movie screening..pretty cool rite?

* All the answer is easily found in the poster LOL *

Well, i manage to had a quick lunch at Dome Cafe and later i followed Fresh to cinema to kepoh. Ok in fact i wanna take a look on the cinema and Penang bloggers ;D

* Hello Penang bloggers :D *

I have blog about Drive Angry screening, so feel free to click here to see what i think about this movie ;) Get to meet Hooinee at there too

* me & Hooinee *

After the screening and display all the cars for more than 2 hours at the mall, we move out to our next location, Hard Rock Hotel! I dunno why but i am super excited over the hotel :D mayb bcoz i heard too much how rock and awesome of this hotel :P

* Before leaving, camwhore with the TGV staffs *

The best things on that day was i managed to witnesses how those Ferrari and Porsche leaved the mall..LOLL

* if i am the driver will i kiss the floor? LOL *

Stay tune for my next story on Hard Rock Hotel :)


Dev Clarehova said...

OMG! very COOL car...!!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Yay nice sharing =D

Jackie Loi said...

@dev haha :D

@tc waiting urs :P