Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Convoy to Penang : Departure with Ferrari and Porsche

Finally a blog post for Convoy to Penang ;D If u guys check my Tumblr last 2 weeks, i went to Penang for 2D1N trip together with Tianchad courtesy of Nursantara Edaran Films. All the way to Penang for Drive Angry screening..LOLL... We are convoyed all d way to there with Ferrari and Porcshe!

BEWARE!! This post gonna full with car pics! ;P

* Yellow is alwiz sexay ;D *

* Same goes to red *

* This is the Porcshe i in later! *

* Pasting the Drive Angry sticker on it *

Oh well unable to resist myself, went to shoot few pics of myself with those cars..ahh feel like wanna lean over it wtf

* The convoy team *

Wee i was in the green porcshe!

Wanna hear d engine sound? :P

Well we departed around 10am++ and v reach Penang before 1.30pm. Pretty cool fast rite? ;P

Stay Tune for the next update of Convoy to Penang ;)


Glo-w~* said...

OMG i was suppose to go watch but had high fever the night before =( cant meet u guys and pretend to be GT queen >_<"

Joshu@law said...

Wow..you were actually sitting in the sport car to penang? Cool wei~ ;)

Jackie Loi said...

@ah glow too bad ;( next time k? :P

@joshua yeap! :D :D weeee

hadiimran/arfyyatim said...

come on,u drivin ferrari but scared to drive fast.skyline only take 2 hours dude, a good driver deserve a great car. n u with a good car only,bad driver

Jackie Loi said...

did i ever mentioned i am the driver? tq i alwiz know my Myvi is great car :)