Thursday, March 03, 2011

Kaka Bat Kut Teh

Oh yes another Bak Kut Teh session with friends ;) Rushing all d way from Penang to here for dinner wif friends. Went to fetch sayang b4 head to the destination, Kaka Bat Kut Teh. It located at Kepong Metro Prima, right opposite Carrefour. if u cant find then another landmark for u would be same row with RHB bank and KFC.

* Friends :) *

* There Ken bz tweeting *

The shop was actually packed during dinner time. Does it mean it good? well i felt tat yes, is good ;) here are what we ordered

* Soup base BKT *

* Dry BKT *

* Spare part *

* Yau Mak *

* A must combo, Yau Char Kuai *

The soup was the awesome! Same goes to the meat! The fat part was pretty thick and yes! Yummeh! Mike quote of that day "Fat Meat nicer than sex" :D. Dry BKT abit disappointed. Too wet to be dry. I guess Yip Yong BKT dry 1 still the best. The "spare part" AKA internal organ is nice! They actually clean it ;D best thing only me & Cayenne love to eat spare part, so no 1 could fight wif us! yosh! :P

After dinner, we went to nearby stall for Ice Kacang. They said tats d best ice kacang around. Well, i din c any best anyway, nth to shout about it :P

* Ice Kacang *

Dinner alwiz nice and fun when friends are around..dun ya agree? :)


lyCayenne said...

agree! XD and yeap. the spare parts all ours! awesome and sinful! XD

Jackie Loi said...

hahaha ber-sinful sinful dahulu, berpahala hala kemudian XD