Monday, March 07, 2011

My Honeymoon Dessert Food Review

I attended this food review together with others blogger on last 2 weeks. I bet most of u sure heard of My Honeymoon Dessert b4, it is Hong Kong based dessert ;) It had outlet at Kepong, One U, Puchong IOI, Sunway Pyramid, Dataran Sunway & of coz, Kota Damansara ;) We went to Kota Damansara for the review session, located right beside Snowflake.

My first impression on their environment was good. It is quite wide, comfy and suitable for chit chatting obviously ;) unlike snowflake, pack and noisy. Anyway, here are those dessert that tested by me on that day itself. Total 9 dessert yo!

* Durian Pancake. Obviously with Durian filled inside duh! RM9 *

* Mango Pancake. Mango fill inside :P RM9 *

* Mango Cream with Pamelo and Sago. It is sweet and sour combination ;) RM12 *

* Sweet Ball Coated with Crushed Peanuts RM7 *

* Tentalising Indulgence. 10 sweet balls, 5 flavous inside! Peanut, Sesame, Custard, Taro & Green tea! RM10 *

* Mango Special Maruko RM13 *

* Love this most! Mellow Fellow Pastry RM16 *

* Ginger juice with Milk. The ginger is pretty heavy taste RM8 *

* Adzuki Love. Made by red bean ;) RM10 *

I would said each dessert got their own specialty. And i am amazed most of their dessert actually handmade. what make me most happy would be their Durian style dessert! yes i am a durian lover ;P One of my favourite would be Mellow Fellow Pastry :D It is very unique bcoz each layer had filling and an ice-cream as topping on top. Other than tat their Tentalising Indulgence are recommended as well with ginger as their soup. Besides, most of their Mango are imported from Philippine, it taste nice though :D

Some pics with friends

* All of us *

* Oh yes Gplus is cool ones ;) *

* With sayang Shannon *

Overall, their dessert are satisfying. No regret giving it a try ;)

* Group photo *

Thanks to My Honeymoon Dessert and Nuffnang for the wonderful dessert :)