Friday, March 04, 2011

Nuffnang Cheque Sanjou!

I guess for working man, the happiest things for them would be the day when they get their paycheque. For a student + lousy blogger like me, the happiest thing would be when i won something from Nuffnang..cough and also get paid from them XP

Finally my Nuffnang cheque is here. Oh yea it is my 1st time cash out after been in this awesome community for more than 2 years :) I m still proud to tell everyone i am Nuffnang blogger ;) Being in this community is reli fun. I gain alot in the same time i lost alot as well.

Well not gonna revealed my amount here since i am just a lousy blogger who earn not "exceeding RM80,000.00" after being in Nuffnang for more than 2 years XP. How i gonna spend the money? nop, not gonna treat u eat or buy u stuff :P well previously i almost wanted to get my flash (sb600) replaced since it was lost. But fortunate! I found it back yesterday! :D so yea, no new camera flash since my SB600 is returned ;)

But still, d reason why i cash it out also bcoz i wanna spend it. On where? well i'll reveal it here soon or later ;D

TQ Nuffnang & Churpchurp! Love u all!! :D


Simon Seow said...

Wah, you kept for two years only cash out. Must be damn a lot lor. Congrats.

Jackie Loi said...

haha no la little only..d cheque also witten not exceeding 80k ma LOLLL

Anonymous said...

Congratz :)

MichLeong said...

Wah eh, if you can buy flash with the money, sure a lot one lor. Few hundred but less than 80,000 haha. Congrats!

Myvitrd said...

wah masyuk.. tahniah2

Jackie Loi said...

@shan tqqqq ♥

@michi isk u dun so clever can onot hahaha

@myv tq ;)