Sunday, March 27, 2011

Olympus XZ-1 Test Shot

Owning my Olympus XZ-1 (Baby CrossZee) for almost 2 weeks, u can see i am one of the happy owner! Seriously, how many of u tend to avoid buying Olympus product and tend to go to Canon, Nikon or Panasonic? Yes for me i am of them that almost get Lumix LX5 or Canon S95 until i found this, Olympus XZ-1! Click here if u wanna know why i love Olympus XZ-1

As promise, here are the test shot i did with my Baby CrossZee. Did it kinda rush coz i dun reli have time but i guarantee u, Olympus XZ-1 can satisfy ur need if u fulfill the criteria ;) No worry, i'll use layman term to present the quality of this camera. No technical stuff :)

Yes, the camera can perform very well under day condition. Color was nice and saturation level perfect! Same goes to Macro, it has 1mm focusing distance yo! ;D

If u wanna know how lowlight performance for this cam, it definitely can perform very good without flash thanks to the f1.8 lens ;)..but of coz, that doesn't apply to club/bar that might dun have light at all, those need some special treatment AKA flash for my case ;P

You may see more from my post how this cam perform under lowlight :

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Does that convince u enuf that this cam is great as well for lowlight? i dare said it wun lose to any of Canon G12 and Lumix LX5 ;)

Another things i love about this camera as i mentioned b4 is the ART FILTER that same as Olympus Pen. It came with 6 pre-install Art Filter (Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Dramatic Tone). Here are the test of 6 Art Filter comparison ;) is good for artistic shot though

* Pop Art *

* Soft Focus *

* Grainy Film *

* Diorama *

* Pin Hole *

* Dramatic Tone *

I am not reli satisfy with the video performance though it is 720p HD. The reason is because it used AVI Motion JPEG format. Plus, the video tend to have very high noise around and AF sucks. I am ok with it since i dun use compact to shoot much video ;P in addition, same like pen, XZ-1 able to record video together with the Art Filter, pretty cool rite ;P

Conclusion, I am happy with my XZ-1 no matter it is under lowlight or daylight condition. It can produce me perfect image and color eventhough it might not as sharp and as detail as LX5 or Canon S95/G12 during high ISO. I brought my XZ-1 everyday where ever i go now and leave my DSLR at home LOL

Basically, this is a perfect cam for u if u

Love the Art Filter as i do!
Love the flexibility using M,S,A,P or even iAuto Mode
Love camera who can perform low light well (f1.8 FTW!)
Love portability and small size though not pocketable LOL

And this might not a camera for u if u

Shoot sport and event alot because the AF still slow compare to DSLR. Unless u had nice timing and lucky shot LOL
Always wan a difference focal length lens (since XZ-1 only have 28-112mm focal length)
Always use it for video recording and mind the quality of it

So, think about it whether is this ur camera if u plan to get one for urself ;) as for u i am a happy owner with it and i'll continue used it for any event that doesnt required serious shooting (sport, dancing, product etc).

Oh i forgot to mention, all the image about was shoot using iAuto mode and straight from camera, coz i been lz tune it using M ;P so, judge it by urself! iAuto can present u nice photo rite? ;P

Somebody ask me how is the bokeh of this cam in f1.8. Well, i would said dun expect much on the bokeh compare with DSLR. It just had 1/1.63 sensor size/ U can c some bokeh on telephoto zoom or macro but as i said, dun expect it as nice as DSLR bokeh coz of lens and sensor size.


Simon Seow said...

This should be a very good camera for me to take food pictures. Also, I know it has many lens filters add on and also external flash. Too bad I'm very tight in cash, if not then can buy to replace the camera I've lost.

Joshu@law said...

nice one! ;)

Jackie Loi said...

@simon heh slowly'll drop price once newer model out

@joshua buy buy buy! :P

Anonymous said...

I see that you're a UCSI student :)
I like your review,i was googling to find more about XZ-1 when I came about your blog.