Tuesday, March 01, 2011

UCSI ECA Night 2011

I was invited to my Uni ECA Night on last friday. Unfortunately I have some stuff to do and i only presented myself there shortly. Went there with Sayang after No String Attached movie with her at Mid Valley.

This is my uni first year having ECA Night (n i heard it was actually abit havoc in term of event management :P). To be honest i dun feel like active in curriculum once i step my feet in uni, however it just happen that i am helping out friends on last year Masquerade Night as official photographer. well, it was heck an experience to me ;)

* Bala, MG, pretty & Handsome :D *

* MG *

* Bala & MG *

* Joe *

* Gabriel, Nelson, Celine & MG *

I guess this gonna be first and last cert of curriculum i gonna get from my uni LOL