Saturday, March 12, 2011

Woman: 100 Launch at Italiannies

8 March was marked as Woman International day. I am invited to attend the launch at Empire Mall, Italiannies. A performance entitled LIPSTICK and elbowGREASE was performed to all audience that day.

The show started with a predule : WANITA:100 by YB Dato' Dr. Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur, Secretary-General, Ministry of Woman, Family & Community Development.

Next, the first performance entitled It's A Maybe Kind of Thing was performed by Ning Baizura, Vanidah Imran, Lara Amelia Musa & Desiree Michelle Fernandez and script written by Christina Orow & Yasmin Khan started.

"Does being a certain age make you a woman?" Thats the question behind this performance.

A Woman in Question, was the second performance by Bella Rahim, Elaine Daly, Joanne Kam & Sofia Jane, written by Julya Oui. "The essential ingredients of a woman" is questioned in this show.

The third performance was Untuk Siapa, "Orang sangka kita jadi pembantu sebab kita ini bodoh", performed by Mislina Mustaffa and written by Bernice Chauly.

"Love and Betrayal. And Loyalty to our sisters" was in A Tale of 2 Ninjas, the fourth performance by 2 sister alike, Asha Gill and Susan Lankester. The script writer was by Harith Iskander.

Carmen Soo was performing on next play, entitled Airhead where "Being fearless can be hazardous when you're a minority". The script writer was Fay Khoo.

Aku Supermodel! Who dowan be a model rite? i bet this is every female dream nowdays ;P "Dont judge us by the masks that we wear", performed by Melissa Saila and Nanu Baharuddin. Writer? Reza Zainal Abidin.

Pursuit of Happiness is writen by Harriet. "Is happiness really what we were brought up to believe?". Performer of this show was Maya Tan Abdullah.

Finally, the last performance was Woman.Kind.
"A tribute to women of the world.
A solidarity that known no border."

Writen by Rachael Malai Ali, performed by everyone from the previous play.

Overall, it is a nice performance and i do enjoy it :) In addition, i support woman day! Have u? If not sign up here now :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

I think in the first play, one of the actresses' name should be Ning Baizura instead of Bing Baizura (:

Jackie Loi said...

ops my bad..typo..haha thx for the correction :D