Saturday, April 30, 2011

I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!

oh sorry wrong this 1 :P

Pirates of the Caribbean 4

Ahoy! The pirate is return! More adventure more story to be unfold! Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be one of my most wanted to watch show! ;)

Courtesy to Nuffnang, all Nuffnanger are given chance to enjoy the premier screening on cinema. To win a pair of invitation, all we have to do is write a blog post titled “I’m a Pirate, Take Me To Stranger Tides!” and share with what are the best 3 things about being a pirate!

Well as for me, there are alot best things being a pirate...







And there, with Straw Hat crew and Captain Jack Sparrow, we gonna be Pirate King and find One Piece! AHOY!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

TGV Wangsa Walk 1st Anniversary & The Lost Blademan <關雲長> Movie

Woops, without realizing it is TGV Cinema Wangsa Walk 1st year anniversary. Still remember the first movie i watched in TGV Wangsa walk was Ironman 2 ;) Congratulation and Happy Birthday to them! ♥ ♥

On their first anniversary, courtesy of TGV Cinema, they give out 2 movie tickets! Thor and The Lost Blademan. Well since i watch Thor adi, i went to watch The Lost Blademan with Marilyn. Ah she had been my movie partner recently LOL LOL.

Being Malaysian and Kiasu, went too early there to collect my passes on 6pm and then ended up it is free seating LOL LOL. I realize not much ppl wanna watch Donnie Yen movie LOL..most ppl queue for Thor and 4 mins after d passes started to give out, Thor tics completely run out. I am glad i dun need to fight those passes with them hahaha

Manage to chill around at Jaya Jusco and get cheap dinner after that before d movie started at 8.30pm


Well, here we go! The Lost Blademan <關雲長>!

The story of Guan Yu's life where he was held captive by warlord Cao Cao and went on a journey by horse to face various obstacles and behead several generals along the way.

If u love the story of 3 kingdom, u might like this side story about Guan Yu. Honestly, abit disappointed on this movie though =X This movie mainly focus on Guan Yu life and how he been manipulate by the face problem Cao Cao offense but the actor play Cao Cao dun have d charisma :P Overall most scene will had action inside, but dun expect some action like War more like 1 VS 10 ppl action LOL..Overall storyline was good and direct, if u know the story of Guan Yu :) However, i dun reli think Donnie Yen suite the character Guan Yu though..just my POV :P



The Lost Blademan <關雲長> is in cinema now. Catch it if u love Donnie Yen or 3 kingdom ;)

TQ TGV CInemas again for the movie tic :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fast 5 Premier Screening

Date : Thursday, April 28 2011
Venue: TGV, KLCC
Time: 9.00 PM

Fast 5? Fast & Furious 5? long as Vin Diesel is inside! :P Courtesy of Nuffnang & P1 4G Wimax, i get to watch Fast 5 before release next week ;)

Dominic and his crew find themselves on the wrong side of the law once again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord and a relentless federal agent.

Awesome movie! Pretty chick, pretty car, pretty action ;) However abit disappointed though on not much car action..i was expecting more =X d only action can be seen was d beginning and d ending. Middle of the movie is all about their planning on their scheme. Alot jokes and funny thing shown throughout the whole movie. Overall, still a nice movie ;)





Catch up this movie on next week! U wun regret :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

900th post SPECIAL EDITION : Tribute to Friendster

So Friendster gonna RIP soon. Thus, this 900th post was tribute to it LOL..seriously, i bet everyone here been using friendster before! if not, u r d luxury generation LOLLL..i dun remember when i started use friendster..perhaps when i am 15? I stop using friendster in 2009 after Facebook join the world of social networking. However i never delete my account, since all my memories still inside.

Manage to login back into my Friendster and save up some precious photo in there. Would like to share it wif u guys for those who dunno Jackie Loi before year 2009 ;) However all are group photo me with my old gang, high school gang..

* thats me before i know nuts about photography *
* My precious classmate during form 6 :) *
* I almost forget myself is a librarian *
* Editorial Board, 1 of the path that lead me love designing *
* Again, we are crazy ;) *
* We love doing house visiting every year during CNY *
* Outing to KLCC to capture class profile pics *
* Interact Club farewell Party *
* My chemistry teacher, still manage keep in touch with her till now :) She is one of the best teacher in every student heart *
* Our form 6 farewell party :) i almost forgot i am the class monitor *
* My very first prom night party done by my high school, Interact Club undergroundly *
* My physic teacher, Mr Ho farewell. He is d best and wise teacher i ever met :) *
* And thats my last pic with him.. *
* Tee birthday back in 2008 *
* not long after we graduate from uni, we still manage to stay out for dinner together *
* Our first form 6 gathering, a year after graduate *
* For some reason, the gathering only manage to done once. Later no more gathering among us.. *

Not only memory with my friends in there, with my ex as well... :)

* I still remember what she told me when she give me this present :) *

It is really good to look back once in a make u think back how much u had gone through and how strong u r now. We couldnt go back to the past, and it is impossible for us to gather like usual we use to..because we had change, everyone change, human do change..and we'll continue change from time to time.

Thanks Friendster for returning some memories to me... R.I.P

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thor Press Screening

Just back from Press Screening of Thor at Mid Valley courtesy of Nuffnang. 1 word, AWESOME! Thor almighty! LOLL

Marvel Studios expands its film universe with a new type of superhero: THOR. This epic adventure spans the Marvel Universe; from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth. Kenneth Branagh directs this fantasy epic which stars Australian actor Chris Hemsworth as the ancient Norse god, Tom Hiddleston as his evil brother Loki, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, a young woman who befriends Thor on Earth, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Thor's father and king of Asgard. Expect to see agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., previously seen in ''Iron Man,'' to make an appearance, further forshadowing the coming of The Avengers!

Oh yes Thor is awesome! But i wish to see more thunder or lighting effect from his weapon, Mjolnir =X Nothing much on fighting scene if u ask me but the CG was awesome. As d synopsis mentioned, SHIELD make appearance in this movie, if u watch Ironman before ;P In addition, the scene where the Mjolnir was found was exactly in the ending scene of Ironman 2. Stark (yes Tony Stark) name was mentioned in this movie as well. You got it right, all this is forshadow the coming soon movie, The Avengers!



It gonna worth ur penny to watch in cinema if u r truely Marvels and Thor fans! Dun forget to stay till d end of the credits for some The Avengers short scene ;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

UCSI Assignment : Post Production - Mark-X

Well this is my third subject for this sem, Post Production. We required to do some CG movie effect and it was a pair in a team. Scratching out head of on what to do, me and Mark decided to do Henshin effect LOL..too much Kamen Rider is bad for mind huh T__T

Before straight to the video, here are some funny video we did b4 preparing for the real footage ;P

And some "accident" that happen..sorry for my horrible laughing ;P

And here the real deal, wif CG ;)

Well, not a very good work..why? din put effort lor..seriously this is d subject that i never put effort in at all...too much work yet too little time to do :( been reli busy with my other 3D work..sigh

Sunday, April 24, 2011

UCSI Assignment : 3D Matte Painting - Nothing is Useless in this World

Out of so many subjects i took this sem, the subject i hate most would be 3D Matte Painting. I love Matte Painting but i sucks in perspective. I dun have the EYE to see it :( thus i struggle this subject most..but yet, this is the easiest subject among all. The topic given by us for final project was Surrealism. Thus, i came out with this artwork called "Nothing is Useless in this World"

Nothing Useless in this World is a world where everything was created with recycle item/junk to replace the original. That's including living creatures. In this project, i focused into three elements : Sky, Water & Land.



Yups, most of the scene was photo montage and painted with Photoshop. The house was painted in photoshop as well and later using 3D Camera projection. The rest animal was created by 3D obviously and final edit with Adobe After Effect, before putting sound and compile up in Adobe Premier.

Well, here my video for Nothing is Useless in this World. I know is not perfect, i am not good with perspective :( but undeniable, 3D Matte painting is very important for most production nowdays. I gotta sharpen up my skill!

Anyway, C&C is alwiz welcome :)