Wednesday, April 27, 2011

900th post SPECIAL EDITION : Tribute to Friendster

So Friendster gonna RIP soon. Thus, this 900th post was tribute to it LOL..seriously, i bet everyone here been using friendster before! if not, u r d luxury generation LOLLL..i dun remember when i started use friendster..perhaps when i am 15? I stop using friendster in 2009 after Facebook join the world of social networking. However i never delete my account, since all my memories still inside.

Manage to login back into my Friendster and save up some precious photo in there. Would like to share it wif u guys for those who dunno Jackie Loi before year 2009 ;) However all are group photo me with my old gang, high school gang..

* thats me before i know nuts about photography *
* My precious classmate during form 6 :) *
* I almost forget myself is a librarian *
* Editorial Board, 1 of the path that lead me love designing *
* Again, we are crazy ;) *
* We love doing house visiting every year during CNY *
* Outing to KLCC to capture class profile pics *
* Interact Club farewell Party *
* My chemistry teacher, still manage keep in touch with her till now :) She is one of the best teacher in every student heart *
* Our form 6 farewell party :) i almost forgot i am the class monitor *
* My very first prom night party done by my high school, Interact Club undergroundly *
* My physic teacher, Mr Ho farewell. He is d best and wise teacher i ever met :) *
* And thats my last pic with him.. *
* Tee birthday back in 2008 *
* not long after we graduate from uni, we still manage to stay out for dinner together *
* Our first form 6 gathering, a year after graduate *
* For some reason, the gathering only manage to done once. Later no more gathering among us.. *

Not only memory with my friends in there, with my ex as well... :)

* I still remember what she told me when she give me this present :) *

It is really good to look back once in a make u think back how much u had gone through and how strong u r now. We couldnt go back to the past, and it is impossible for us to gather like usual we use to..because we had change, everyone change, human do change..and we'll continue change from time to time.

Thanks Friendster for returning some memories to me... R.I.P