Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gantz Press Screening

Courtesy of Nuffnang i get to watch Gantz Press Screening in Mid Valley yesterday.

College student Kei Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) notices former childhood friend Masaru Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) helping a drunken man who fell from a subway platform. Kei Kurono then jumps down to help his childhood friend. A few moments later, the subway train rapidly approaches and both boys look on helplessly as their lives are about to end. However, the next moment, Kei and Masaru finds themselves in a strange apartment with a mysterious giant black sphere along with others who have recently died. The massive black sphere in the centre of the living room is called "GANTZ". "GANTZ" then assigns the people who are gathered in the room on missions to exterminate aliens. They are given a set of time and if successful will receive points. A total of 100 points will allow them to leave the purgatory-like place or send someone else back to life. If they fail, they will perish forever.

I never read d manga b4, thus i am going in and watch with brand new experience and impression. The storyline pretty well developed at the beginning with suspense and make brand new audience like me want to know what the hell is Gantz. Towards the end, was pretty straight forward battle and ending. nothing much to impressed on the CG since their style is difference than US. However i gotta said i love their suit! Sort of remind me Tron ;P mayb i love tight suit especially wore on lady..lalala

If u guys dunno, there gonna be Gantz part 2, titled Perfect Answer


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a fan of Gantz lead actor (the one playing Kurono Kei - Ninomiya Kazunari). I've been anticipating Gantz to screen here but there was no advertising on it anywhere! Glad to know you enjoyed it.

Jackie Loi said...

heh yea it was nice movie for me..but manga nicer! LOL