Sunday, April 10, 2011

I want to be glam!

 Do you think the car above is sexy? I think its more than sexy. Its just so GLAM!
Wondering whats with the title of my post? Hehe, Im actually in this competition! 

 What is GLAMOROUS to you?  Pretty girls? Nice cars? 
To me, glamorous is having a lifestyle!  

Lifestyle means looking good, dressing good (:
& of course, you need to have parties to attend to show people how good looking you are! Hahaah, just joking.

 There will be an event held in Taylors Lakeside this coming Fridayyyyyy!!
Feel free to come along!! 
Hope I can win this blog competition :(

Dear StarAsia Trend Nation, can I have more RIMMEL London products please?

Because, I believe in taking ACTION, so I will be REWARDED!! :D
If you wanna join the competition also can, click here!

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