Monday, April 04, 2011

Mysterious sign in Kuala Lumpur

BOWAHHHH!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!! That's a first question pop out in my brain when i came across to this pic. A gigantic logo on top of KLCC!

It was there appeared like a magic and disappeared like a smoke. What the hell is that? Both of us been questioning ourself but ended up we give up coz we tod thats coincidentally effect by KLCC Light.

However the other day same thing happen again this time it appear around Bukit Bintang area!

What could this mysterious symbol mean? A sign that i'll get rich? A sign that i'll b famous blogger? Or mayb nop, mayb is a signal projected by one of the alien that manage to sneak in into KL! Alien Invasion!? I dunnoooo but i am scare now :(

Tried to did some research in youtube and guess what i found? Some other ppl manage to record a video as prove of this weird phenomena!

It seem like i am not alone with this special eye to see this sign..could it be, i am number 11!? O___o


bazelinna alyaa said...

celcom colony! lol.. its an ad strategy for their new product.. everyone were overly paranoid.. including me at first.. lol..