Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL UI and Apps

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Most of the Android phone on market nowdays, share the similar spec, same OS version, same apps and obviously, same function. But of coz, every model will have their own benchmark score. Anyway besides that, what distinguish android would be the UI (user interface) itself. Difference ppl have difference UI preference. For Samsung, the UI they customized into android are none other than TouchWiz.

Sorry for the sucks autofocus on my cam and my nervous noise..1st time doing such stuff >,< Well basically the video above are some introduction on Samsung Touchwiz 3.0 UI. I would said Touchwiz 3.0 is obviously same with others customized UI where u get to scroll left and right, pinch and zoom (if ur device support multitouch), add shortcut/widget/folder/wallpaper and able to pull down the notification bar.

This is one of the reason why i love Android more than ios. The ability to customize ur desktop. U get to add ur favourite wallpaper, favourite shortcut/widget and even customize ur own shortcut display. That gonna put a smile on my face everytime when i get to see my favourite stuff in desktop when i slide to unlock it..rather than c d a menu straight, yes i am referring to ios. But still, tats depend individual preference. No hard feel k? if u guys wanna know the pic below is my latest customization on my Samsung Galaxy Tab

Next web browsing experience in Android. U get true desktop view for all web using Android rather than mobile version only. Besides, Android 2.2 and above support Adobe Flash player. Which mean u get to view all website with flash eg Youtube. The loading speed is depend on ur connection speed but browsing web in Galaxy SL is smoother than my Galaxy Tab. Dun ask me, i dunno why :P

Manage to test some game in Galaxy SL also. 1 of them would be my favourite Angry Bird Rio! The game play was smooth all the while,snappy! Doesnt feel lag :)

Social network apps in Android is awesome as well. I downloaded Twitter for Android and Facebook for Android in Samsung Galaxy SL and it was awesome. First thing first the UI for twitter is simple and easy. No excuse to do not tweet and miss a tweet rite? :P

Facebook was pretty complete and make u doesnt feel like u r using lite version. It had complete accessed to wherever u wanna go as if u r surfing a facebook from web. One of my favourite would b the ability to chat on facebook using this apps ;) I din test out for group chat whether it works onot on this apps.

A guy like me dun reli download movie and store on phone to watch. However i do surf youtube and watch alot streaming video from there. Thus, surfing and loading youtube video in Samsung Galaxy SL is fantastic. The video playback directly from the web browser (not the youtube apps) doesnt lag at all and run smoothly :D

Finally, being a 5mp shooter on this cam, the pics wasn't tat bad at all. The only let down was it doesnt had built in flash. The 720p HD video recording not bad as well. Tested the recording on one of the event.

So conclusion, Samsung Galaxy SL indeed a great high end Android phone in terms of multimedia, social network, entertainment and etc. My words, u'll never go wrong with high end Android ;)