Friday, April 22, 2011

SS2 Durian for Dinner

It has been long time since i can sit down properly and had dinner with friends. After some random shout out from me and Samantha, both of us including Xiang, Alex and Jacq decided to had dinner at SS2, Durian!



Never been into any Durian street/Durian feast or whatever it call. Thus this is my first experience! They even had buffet durian! wah eat till u dieeeeee! :D However not all durian is nice there =X some are too dry some are too watery


I been loving durian since i was young, however i refuse to eat more coz i know i'll get very heaty the next day and pop! pimple popping out from nowhere sighhh But, no man could resist durian! King of fruit yo!

Would love to come again for the next season next time ;) and i enjoy a short night session with friends. It has reli been long time :)


~ Xi@nG~ said...

Yeah! Enjoy yesterday durian session with you guys too =]

Jacquelyn Ho said...

lets go again!

We Love Durian said...

Good news for durian lovers!!!

We will be opening our Durian Festival @ Carrefour Subang Jaya (main entrance) from 27 April 2011 until end of durian season

We will also be having Durian Appreciation Nite whereby you will be able to taste 4 to 5 variety of top branded durian including the famous "mao san wang" in one session. Please email me if you are interested to participate. Our durian expert will answer all your durian questions. Price: not confirmed yet

Email me @ if you need more info or visit

Jackie Loi said...

lets goo!!wooohooo love u guysss ;)