Sunday, April 24, 2011

UCSI Assignment : 3D Matte Painting - Nothing is Useless in this World

Out of so many subjects i took this sem, the subject i hate most would be 3D Matte Painting. I love Matte Painting but i sucks in perspective. I dun have the EYE to see it :( thus i struggle this subject most..but yet, this is the easiest subject among all. The topic given by us for final project was Surrealism. Thus, i came out with this artwork called "Nothing is Useless in this World"

Nothing Useless in this World is a world where everything was created with recycle item/junk to replace the original. That's including living creatures. In this project, i focused into three elements : Sky, Water & Land.



Yups, most of the scene was photo montage and painted with Photoshop. The house was painted in photoshop as well and later using 3D Camera projection. The rest animal was created by 3D obviously and final edit with Adobe After Effect, before putting sound and compile up in Adobe Premier.

Well, here my video for Nothing is Useless in this World. I know is not perfect, i am not good with perspective :( but undeniable, 3D Matte painting is very important for most production nowdays. I gotta sharpen up my skill!

Anyway, C&C is alwiz welcome :)