Saturday, April 23, 2011

UCSI Assignment : The making of...The Red Glove

Well, this is a brief the making of my latest short film for my assignment, The Red Glove. Thanks for my awesome crew, we manage to complete production in 4 days time (not full day though). Well, lets pics speak :)

* first day of filming *

* The bully on action! and it was raining *
* and i got the Director to hold umbrella for me hahaha *
* There is a scene where i take part too LOL *
* Thats real knife! yes we dun have dummy knife LOL *
* Mark as the mysterious guy who sell the cursed glove *
* Gabby is the main character who alwiz ended up been bully *
* Nelson? our Ast Director who doing labour work LOL *
* Alan the main bully *
* cute bully eh? LOL *
* Adel the only female in this film LOL *
* First time i comb hair for other *
* And we're done shooting on last day! *

It is fun shooting, especially this is my 2nd experience handling big video cam. Honestly, i nv put much interest on video stop but i alwiz love filming :)...being a director of photography AKA video cameraman for this production is fun and i learn alot. But yet, i still need improved on my flexibilities skill when handling the camera.

Thanks for all great actors actress! Thanks for my crews! Though alot storm and thunder attacked us, but we somehow manage beat them out and produce this short film. It might not the best, but, this is our work. I knew there are for space for improvement, i wish i could spend my time to do more short film in d future ;)

Some short synopsis regarding The Red Glove
Fred is a college student who always get beaten up by two bullies, Richard (the boss) and his underling, Arif. One day without realizing, he bought a cursed Red Glove from a mysterious man. The Red Glove possessed into  Fred and he begin to kill.

For those who havent watch yet, u can click here to view it.