Monday, April 25, 2011

UCSI Assignment : Post Production - Mark-X

Well this is my third subject for this sem, Post Production. We required to do some CG movie effect and it was a pair in a team. Scratching out head of on what to do, me and Mark decided to do Henshin effect LOL..too much Kamen Rider is bad for mind huh T__T

Before straight to the video, here are some funny video we did b4 preparing for the real footage ;P

And some "accident" that happen..sorry for my horrible laughing ;P

And here the real deal, wif CG ;)

Well, not a very good work..why? din put effort lor..seriously this is d subject that i never put effort in at all...too much work yet too little time to do :( been reli busy with my other 3D work..sigh