Friday, April 08, 2011

Video Production : Short film - The Red Glove

Yes! 1 assignment down finally! Feel like 1/5 of the burden disappeared on my lazy shoulder. If u guys check my twitter last few weeks, i had been busy with my film shooting. Finally it had come to d end and my crew, FucukYimai done it! :D

I dun have time to do compilation of the making but i promise i'll post it ASAP! Meanwhile, enjoy the short film done by my group, FucukYimai titled The Red Glove!

Besides, here is 1 of the video done by my junior. I think is kinda worth watching for the story.

Well, not a perfect short film for my crew. Reason?

1) We cant focus doing this shit alone since v got another 5 production to rush

2) not enuf experienced man power

3) low or i suppose no budget production

4) Things happen last minute


As usual, C&C is alwiz welcome ;)