Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Truly A Shopper Final

I was invited to the final show of Truely A Shopper. If u dunno what is this, click here to find it our more ;) The final event was take place in Celcius Bar, Farenheit88. A press conference was held before the event itself takes place.



And for the final round, is a round to determine who is the Shopping King/Queen (LOL). Swing Chan, Ing Kai Teo and Iva Aguero are the participants who manage to final.

 * Emcee & Judges *
 * Swing Chan *
 * Ing Kai Teo *
 * Iva Aguero *
 * Some interview with the judges *

Well, practically the event started but nth happen in between until the winner was announced ;X Not even dinner was served during the duration time..it make me starved like hell honestly ;X Not to mention the actually promised RM100 parkson voucher for us but it ended up voucher for woman stuff..blehh..However some lucky draw was on during the duration and lucky Samantha who won food voucher worth RM150..nais!

And winner was borned after that! The winner for Truely A Shopper goes to Swing Chan! Awesome! i have no idea how d judge goes but oh well, still congratulation to her! ;P

 * The winner is born! *
 * Grand Prize Winner, Swing Chan *


And some pics with friends during the event ;) (Photo credits to Yeeing)

 * With Sophia *
 * With Yeeing..i look good :P *
 * Group photo *

Well, there gonna be Episode 2 for Truely A Shopper :D

Sunday, May 29, 2011


So it is sunday! how's everyone weekend? for me i guess i had the most dramatic weekends..emo for whole day from friday till sunday..if u see my previous post, i had a drinks with friends at Brussel Beer Cafe. Well for d 1st time i had a german beer called Kronenbourge (i think) it taste not bad but i barely feel i actually drink it =X 3 bottle is not enuf FML! oh ya called me drunkard or what, i guess i am slowly going to LIKE-A-MAN lifestyle where drinking is required when stress or emo..-__-

Yesterday, I drag Marilyn to accompanied me for the half day. I followed her had lunch at
Thurkah's Indian Restaurant that located at Taman Melawati. She wanted to try the banana leaf rice. Ended up taste quite normal and it cost Rm5.

And next i dragged her to accompanied me to Jusco for some bubble milk tea session. Went to this cold blog to had my all time favourite Ice Blended Yam + black pearl ;) Yes i love purple, i love yam! say me gay! ;P



On today itself, something stupid happened to that so por Marilyn and almost make both me and Victoria heart drop to the ground. But thanks god she still clever and not stupid until d max (LOL she gonna keel me if she read this haha). Accompanied her for few hours before rush for my assignment till midnite.

In addition, just done a minor operation on my BB. 1 of the button dropped and went missing :( Coincidentally is Y button. A sign mayb? Change back to my ori black keypad. Sigh, so many my gadget-tachi got problem this whole months...



So tats all my weekend. How bout yours? I believe my luck is changing for this coming June!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shit Happen When You Blur

Wasn't reli in good mood whole day yesterday and thanks god i got friends who willing spend time wif me on night. Went to Brussel Beer Cafe at Jaya One for some drinking and chui sui session. Reach home around 3am+ and only notice..shit happen under my unconscious mind...

oh yea, it broke..sigh, i dun even have chance to taste it :( if u dunno what is tat it's Paul Smith for EVIAN.

Now it is gone :( :( I tod of keeping d bottle after i am done with it..but now the only thing i can keep is..the cap

So how does this happen? gotta asked me who so genius..told ya i was emo, blur and like walking corpse. My mind was not set to the right path..thus..i went to put the EVIAN into the freezer slot instead of the normal 1 inside refrigerator.

Then i went out for the freaking 6 hours drinking session, came back and look for it on fridge then only remembered i actually put on the wrong slot..there u go...

Clean the mess for the freaking 30 min since the water was frozen and stuck too hard in the fridge. Need to do it carefully coz i dowan the glasses cut my finger ;(

Shit reli do happen often on me dont they? :( After my Baby CrossZee accident, my Nikon SB600 officially dead :( cant trigger any flash sigh...why :'( :'( :'(

Thursday, May 26, 2011

UCSI University Unifest 2011

Oh yes i attended my uni Unifest last sat. So how was it? i'll say it is pretty impressed they managed to get Hotlink as their main sponsor (oh my uni is integrated with Hotlink adi anyway). In addition, the managed to invited alot awesome performers! It was none other than Mizz Nina, Kyoto Protocol, Reza Salleh, Bus Company, An Honest Mistake, Ruffneckz, beatboxer Shawn Lee & DJ NickyC!

Honestly everything is perfect in this event! Only 1 thing i dun like..the location! they freaking done it on outdoor! not to mention, is on top the lousy parking mountain..what if rain? sure got mud rite since the idiot mountain parking still on construction and damn 9 7 alot stone and sand. "Oh no worry we got plan B in case rain"..tats what they said..Plan B? we'll c whats d Plan B.

 * They had a great stage setup! *
* The emcee *

Oh yes, that day was reli rain! So whats up with Plan B? *jeng jeng jeng*

 * oh yea Plan B! Raincoat to RESCUE! *
 * Victoria on Plan B while Joshua & Sophia go for Umbrella Operation *
* And me being emo wtf *

So yea plan B, continue enjoy the concert with raincoat for rescue that gonna stuff u hot till death! Not to mention the ground reli become muddy and wet..our shoe was totally dirty! Being unable bear with the situation, all of us leaved after An Honest Mistake and Mizz Nina peformance. After all they 2 are the reason we here and since they are the first 2 came out to perform, i guess thats reli in our favors.

Honestly, it is great event, great show but..not a great planning in terms of location. Cant reli enjoy the concert to max since it was rain, ground was muddy, idiot ppl with umbrella + wan to dance keep hitting me and dropping their water through umbrella to my body. If only they had done this in hall, i am sure gonna stay there till d ends! Not to mention, i'll bring my DSLR for sure :)

Dun get me wrong, i am excited with this event but i am disappointed with the managing. Pls be freaking consider the weather is ur nightmare whenever u did it outdoor! I am not gonna make myself sick by exposed to rain for the freaking 4~5 hours for ur concert!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Premier Screening

Courtesy of Marilyn who brought me as her movie guest, i get to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules before it officially aired on cinema.

Back in middle school after summer vacation, Greg Heffley and his older brother Rodrick must deal with their parents' misguided attempts to have them bond.

I din watch the first 1, but after watching this, i felt tat is very childish. The movie is more likely some normal daily life that everyone will go through but shit will happen especially when u had brothers. in this case, Rodricks and Greg din get along but in d end they manage to have mutual understanding, they are brothers afterall. Overall is not a bad movie but mayb not suitable for *cough cough* adult like me. But still, enjoyable with some comedy and action done by small kid...remind me abit my childhood where i going through some of those things before ;)




Catch this on cinema if u r fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truly A Shopper

So what is Truly A Shopper about? A super shopaholic? nah obviously is not! haha..Truly A Shopper is Malaysia's First Reality Show on Shopping! What Malaysian wouldn’t love an opportunity to indulge in retail therapy? Truly A Shopper is an upcoming online reality show that puts the spotlight on the nation’s favourite past time – shopping (perhaps only second to eating!). Together with Tourism Malaysia, the show celebrates the art of spending in the name of fashion and, well – all things money can buy, really! For more info, u can view http://www.trulyashopper.com/contests

There are 5 episodes for this event's. u can view it here ;) http://www.trulyashopper.com/webisode

Out of all this episode, i love episode 5 most!

And the shopper that gonna be my favourite is none other than Ing Kai Teo!

Reason why i like episode 5 is becoz they are given a certain amount of money and they have to come out with the style they love most! Isn't it sound like cosplaying? mayb? :P Ing Kai Teo gimme the most deep impression is because of his Alfro black hip hop style that he come out with in this episode! He just spend RM192 for the style and it seem no difficulty for him at all in doing this! He seem very confident ;)

I'll be attending the final and figure out who gonna be the winner! Stay tune to my blog ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sakae Sushi Food Tasting

Courtesy of Nuffnang, Gplus and Sakae Sushi, I was served with a blast dinner last friday at 1 Utama. Yupz, if u dunno, the current Sakae Sushi was located at LG in 1U with bigger space and newer technology on their computer.



 * Touch screen yo! *

Being a japanese food lover, obviously the dishes was heaven for me. We were served with 7 main course and 1 dessert. Obviously all dishes and marvelous ;) Thumb up to Sakae Sushi!

* Sakae Salad *

Sakae Salad (RM13.90) is a house specialty salad comprising salmon, crisp garden-fresh greens served with plum dressing. I love this dishes! Is good as a started. In addition, they had tamago and inari skin as well. Plus the Plum sauce, it was perfect combination ;)

* Hotate Mentaiyaki *

Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM20.90) gonna be everyone favourite! It is a juicy scallops grilled with codfish roe and mayonnaise! It so nais that every wish to had it again and want more! 1 of the best scallop i ever had after Tao! The codfish toe is nice to the max!

 * Soft Shell Crab Tempura *

Next we are served with Soft Shell Crab Tempura (RM13.90). I am not really a fans for crab but hey, the shell is so soft and fried to perfect level. I din try the sauce since it was my habit not to eat with any sauce if not needed. Natural taste FTW!

 * Birthday cake!? *

Finally, we are served with 4 in 1 dishes which are Salmon Sushi, Sakae Candle, Snowflake Salmon Delight and Evi Tempura Cheese Maki. Looks like birthday cake rite? LOL

 * Salmon Sushi and Snowflake Salmon Delight *

I bet everyone know what is Salmon Sushi (RM3.99). No need to explain rite? But the reason why the price tag slighly expensive compare to normal Salmon is because they had a thicker salmon skin. Awesome yo! Meanwhile, the Snowflake Salmon Delight (RM9.80) is a rolls of fresh salmon, omelette, japanese cucumber, salmon skin, okaka flakes, mango, plum sauce and mayonnaise in one! It taste nice and i like ;)

 * Sakae Candle *

Sakae Candle (RM10.90) is not really a candle la! It is one of the Sakae signature dishes. It contain crabmeat, avocado, Japanese Cucumber, shrimp roe, codfish roe and mayonnaise in one! Nice presentation isn't it?

 * Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki *

Last but not least, the Ebi Tempura Cheese Maki (RM12.90) was presented with prawn head and tail. The crispy tempura prawn rolls with a luscious finishing of cheese and spicy mayonnaise is mix perfect to the max ;)

 * Pineapple Sorbet *

The dessert that served is known as Sorbet. It is a low fat fruity yo! It came with 3 flavour which are Pineapple (RM10.90), Orange and lemon (RM8.90). I took the pineapple since i dun reli like lemon and orange and it turn out nice! Nicer than eating ice cream LOL. It is one of the best dessert i ever had to complete my meal :)

Well, not to forget, if u guys ever been in sushi shop with me, Inari is not a miss sushi i'll have no matter what! Nothing beat Inari! rawrrr!!

It was an awesome meal i ever had! Would like to thanks to Nuffnang, Gplus and Sakae Sushi again for the wonderful meal ;) i'll be back again to Sakae Sushi!