Friday, May 20, 2011

7-11 PRICE4PRICE Video Shooting

I dun remember when, perhaps 3~4 weeks ago? Me & Tianchad was invited as Ast DP for Nigel to do this video shooting. If u notice, 7-11 currently are running a contest called PRICE4PROCE in facebook! Yupz! The grand price is an iPad2 yo!


We have Mooky from One Buck Short as the Emcee for the contest ;) He did a pretty good job with his loud and powerful voice.


Some random photo of the staffs and during the shooting :)






As i said the price is an iPad2! It is white color! Sexay rite? i get to grab it and molest it before it official release in Malaysia back to that time ;P

Last but not least, a pics f us LOLL!!

If u wish to participate, just LIKE the 7-11 facebook page and stay tune on their update! Right now there are few videos has been revealed. Good luck!! :)

And i am happy coz get some exposured and experienced in video shooting :)

p/s all pics taken by my Baby CrossZee Art Filter :P


nov666 said...

who's that HOT girl? what's her name?