Monday, May 09, 2011

Hennessy Artistry : Opera Edition - Pics with Friends yo!

That day, i decided not to bring my D60 but XZ-1..and sadly battery not enuf for the long night after running away from AMF concert T__T...Nevertheless, i lost count how many times i have attended Hennessy Artistry. It still an awesome event with awesome people around ;)

Well, this are the only photo i had in my XZ-1. Spot yourself if u r captured by my cammie! ;)

 * Alex & Evelyn *
 * Alex *
 * Joshua *
 * Samuel *
 * Jeremy *
 * Marilyn. This is 1st time we take photo yo <3 *
 * Man *
 * Carmen *
 * My libra partner, Jessy *
* My guest of the night, Lichuen *

Cant wait for the next Hennessy Event! This time i din manage to capture any stage performance..or i should said i dun plan to captured it after a long concert in AMF b4 this. Anyway, i do enjoy myself to the max that day :) for those who saw me that nite, u'll know what i mean LOL LOL