Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Journey to Kuching City : Departure

Still remember I went Kuching with awesome gang last week to do live blogging of Imagine Cup? Yes courtesy of Microsoft, me, Steven, Samantha, Victoria & Weiwen got an awesome moment there ;). I separated this post with the Imagine Cup if u wanna know more about the Imagine Cup, click the following links :

- Microsoft Imagine Cup day 1
- Microsoft Imagine Cup day 2 : Groups Presentation and Top 6
- Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 day 2 : Top 6 Final
- Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 day 2 : Dinner & Result

Oh well, i am totally excited like hell when i get to know i get to go Kuching city for the first time! Not to mention, it gonna be my first time taking plane to travel! Oh yea i know i sound so jakun LOLLL


* Me on plane! ok i jakun! LOL *
* View from plane when just reach Sarawak *

 * Tadaa! Forgot mention i took Air Asia ;) *

After a 100 minutes ride on the plane, we finally reach Kuching city! ohh btw it is abit bored taking plane =X not as awesome as i though..but nevertheless, it was my precious first time and experience LOLL

* The famous Kuching/Cats statue *

* Camwhore with the driver ;P *

Check in into Grand Margherita hotel and pur our stuff while preparing to Pullman Hotel for the Imagine Cup event. Well i have covered most things on Imagine Cups, so just hit the links above if u wanna know about it ;)


ok i shall end my post with this pic! Jump shot ftw! LOLL

Next posts till about Kuching..hmmm shud i do about food or some landscape photography i did on Kuching??