Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Labour Day Outing : Genting, Sunway, Capricciosa and Thor!

How's everyone Labour Day holiday replacement? i bet it was wonderful ;) for me, i had some random outing and chilling session with Joe & Bala. Been wanted to go Genting Highland for long time since my last visit there..5~6 years ago perhaps? Main objective being there, chill ourself in and out, casino and starbuck!

Before heading to Genting, had lunch at Sri Rampai, Downtown Cafe shop. Seriously, their Downtown Fried Rice and Tiramisu Coffee (hot) is da bomb! Still d best combination in my heart ;)

* Downtown Fried Rice *

Later! Genting here we comeeeeeeee!! Driving there on my own for the first time and it was fun experience during the spinning mountain! I need to push till gear 3 in order to move up! gosh pity my baby Vivi taking 3 of us into Genting.

Unfortunately the moment we reached there, it was rain. Unable to chill ourself outside there, we went into starbuck. Seriously, this is my 3rd experience with Starbuck. I dun fancy expensive drinks..food yes :P Being no clue what is nice to order, ordered Vanilla Latte..ended up, not my type of coffee.

* Starbuck yo *
* With ma drink LOL *
* Joe trying to...ahem narrate urself *

After some nice chilling session in Starbuck and rain stopped, we step our feet to the world and enjoy the cold wind and breeze. Not to mention it was freaking mistyyyyyyyy..cant even see a shit =X

* Soooooo colddd *
* Can see? *
* I am like little kid who camwhore around *
* Joe busy recording..reli dun scare his phone drop down LOL *
* The three mosquito Musketeer *

After satisfied with the chilling, we went to Casino. Bad luck, both Joe & Bala unable to enter casino because they was wearing short pant..pifff...i swear i gonna come back again! Went back to setapak after that and faced 2 hours jam on the way..piff malaysia!

We went all d way to Sunway after that for dinner. Why there? because i wanted to go Cappuccino Italian Restaurant! ok is actually Capricciosa Ristorante Italiani in Sunway Pyramid. If u dunno where it is, it located on LG2, opposite J Co Doughnut. U'll know soon the reason why i wanna come this restaurant ;)

* Soup of the day - Clam Shell Soup *

* I swear this pic is totally random LOL *

3 of us ordered pasta and the pasta

* Pepperonccini with Steamed Chicken *

* Mushroom in Tomato Cream Sauce *

* Calamari and Onions in Squid Ink Sauce *

Eh what the hell is the black pasta? Squid ink sauce? yes u r right! I am here for this squid ink pasta ;) Heard about it very long time ago an interested to try! so now is my chance muahahaha! The best thing was when i ordered this the waiter asked, "Sir, Do u know what is this!?" hahaha FML he couldnt believe i actually ordered tat =X but honestly, when the pasta right in front of me i seriously stunned for 5 min before i ate it =X

* a pic before it entered my tummy *

The taste is good actually. But the smell kinda strong, like some sardin fish smell =X During dinner, Joe and Bala cant stop laughing looking me eating it..why? well...

* the sauce is so so so thick! like ink! *

After dinner, we went to midnight movie. yea both of them wanna watch Thor and i went for 2nd time.

Overall, it was a nice outing and totally no plan ;D I wonder how many chance more i could do that before i coming out to work. My final sem as student life just started today and i gonna give all my best to it. Life to the max ;)

Oh for those who wanna know what happen to me after ate the Pasta...be ready i gonna revealed my ugliest side..hope u r not eating while reading this post k? dont say i din warn ya ;P

* Tadaaa! remember brush ur teeth after eating this *



MaRiLyN said...


Simon Seow said...

I tried Squid Ink pasta once in Pasta Zanmai 1U, at that time not many places got.

bendan said...

Yerrrrr~ u're disgusting... Yuckss!! But does the pasta taste good??

Anyway, u went Sri Rampai the Genting and back to Sunway in one day?? ==" Serious??

Nana Eddy said...

I've heard quite a few times bout squid ink. But I'm afraid I might vommit before actually trying it~ lol

Jackie Loi said...

@marilyn noooooooo is heavennnn!!

@simon ohh i only know tat cappuccino shop got LOL LOL

@bendan yerrr where gottt :( is naissss can daiii :D :D yea wor from setapak to sri rampai, then to genting then to sunway, then to cheras (fetch friend back home) then back setapak LOL LOL

@nana hahaha try! is nais ;) dun judge d book by its cover

Kian Fai said...

gosh last pic potong stim =P

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