Thursday, May 05, 2011

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 day 2 : Top 6 Final

Just few hours ago, top 6 of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 are selected. Lets take a look on the group members and their project overview.

Filius Educata team from UCTI is consisted Mohamed Mahmoud Talaat El Bedwihi, Ong Yi Ling, Desiree Chow and Derek Oii.

Their project titled : Utopyeah! is regarding preventation of the domestic abuse against women in urban areas. One of the main features is the "Panic Response" where a notification will be sent out to her trusted people or NGO is a woman is in abusive situation.

Excalibur is from UTM with Jovian Joris Tan, Hendra, Nur Anis and Tamimi in the team.

Their project known as Embrace where it use to aim to sustain the environment by promoting "Recycling Culture" in the same time imbue the habit propers waste disposal among the locals.

Asia Science members are Named Mortaji, Perinba Selva, Krishnashree and Ali Arabzaseh. They are from UCTI too.

They come out with their project name : Power Transmission Automation where it enterprise system that manages transmission of power substations. 3 major part are divided in this project which are : Desktop Application, Azure Application and Thin Client Application.

KCast is from KDU University College. Members are only 2 which is Khor Ruin Yen and Chua Yin Fu.

Their project title is Network Broadcast Projector. It is a broadcasting engine. The main objective is to digitized education especially in areas where costs rob the students of such an experience.

Next is Cyber Knightz from UCTI too. Their members are Tan Jit Ren, Chan Wai Lun, Ker Jia Chiun and Wong Mun Choong.

Health3 is thier project title where targets to improve the health of a cancer patient by using human basic need : food intake, exercise and emotional needs. Cancer patient can customize, deploy and start monitoring to improved their health and increasing their survival chance.

RGBY, not red green blue and yellow, is from UKM with Gooi Chun Aun, Heng Sua Yee, Ling Chee Yang and Yeap Chun Leong as members.

Their project knowns as Project Hive (not for Green Hornet :P) whereby users can use it to get into a queue for a particular service.

3 groups will be selected among this 6 later on!! Stay tune on for the result and remember to follow #imaginecup for live tweet! :D


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