Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our World, Their War

The robot-tachi is back! Who!? Transformer of coz! Autobots in action again and this time they'll be facing Shockwave from the moon! I cant wait this movie! Gotta jizz into my pantttttttt

Courtesy to Nuffnang and GSC-EON Bank Credit Card, all Nuffnanger are given chance to enjoy the premier screening on cinema. To win a pair of invitation, all we have to do is write a blog post titled “Our World, Their War” and share with which part of the world of Narnia you’d like to explore, and pick one of the following options:

- Option A: Tell us how you would protect the world from the Decepticons, and which Autobots character you would like to transform into to protect the world.

- Option B: Tell us how you would defy the Autobots and destroy the world, and which Decepticons character you would like to transform into to destroy the world.

For more info, check out http://www.gsc-eonbankcard.com and http://www.facebook.com/TheUltimateMovieCard for more updates!

Well, obviously i'll pick option A! I'll be Autobots and protect the world from the ugly and only silver looking Decepticons!!

The Autobots i gonna transform into obviously is... *jeng jeng jeng*


Opss wrong...transform again!


Omg wrong again! Hiyeakk! HENSHIN!(Transform!!)

Finally! I am a Bumblebee! The yellow color rocks!!

Right now the two idiot decepticons, Starscream and Megatron is rampaging!

Of coz i am on my way to there as soon as i heard about it!

I roll over the city and blast out my weapon on Starscream! Booom! He was destroyed into pieces!

Of coz Megatron is angry and ready to challenge me a battle!


Unfortunately i am down...Megatron is too strong for me..however i never lost hope!

I believe Shia LeBeouf and Michael Bay will revive me as SuperBumblebee figure out a plan to continue to fight Decepticon and Shockwave.

In addition, i still had my fellow Autobots that will revenge for me! Go Optimus Prime!


That's my story for "Our World, Their War". I will definitely come back as Super Bumblebee like how Optimus Prime can combine with Jet Fire in TF2 LOLLL


bendan said...

OMG~ this is cool. I've no idea how to write mine. T,T But I feels like watching.

Jackie Loi said...

@kahmon lolll good luck ;P