Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shit Happen When You Blur

Wasn't reli in good mood whole day yesterday and thanks god i got friends who willing spend time wif me on night. Went to Brussel Beer Cafe at Jaya One for some drinking and chui sui session. Reach home around 3am+ and only notice..shit happen under my unconscious mind...

oh yea, it broke..sigh, i dun even have chance to taste it :( if u dunno what is tat it's Paul Smith for EVIAN.

Now it is gone :( :( I tod of keeping d bottle after i am done with it..but now the only thing i can keep is..the cap

So how does this happen? gotta asked me who so genius..told ya i was emo, blur and like walking corpse. My mind was not set to the right path..thus..i went to put the EVIAN into the freezer slot instead of the normal 1 inside refrigerator.

Then i went out for the freaking 6 hours drinking session, came back and look for it on fridge then only remembered i actually put on the wrong slot..there u go...

Clean the mess for the freaking 30 min since the water was frozen and stuck too hard in the fridge. Need to do it carefully coz i dowan the glasses cut my finger ;(

Shit reli do happen often on me dont they? :( After my Baby CrossZee accident, my Nikon SB600 officially dead :( cant trigger any flash sigh...why :'( :'( :'(