Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2011 : 25 Artist, 10 Hours, 1 Greatest Concert!

It is blast! 10 hours+ concert!! Have u experienced this b4? i bet no if u miss out last 2 weeks Tiger Asian Music Festival concert! It was a blast on that night with 25 artist from various country! All the way from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, China and even our local, Malaysia artist performed under one stage!


Some short introduction performance before artist came out!


First group was from Rosevelt! I see u Nick Davis! Rawrr!! A cool band i would say ;) it was my first time listen to their song and not to mention, it is live yo!



Followed by Will Ng 黃威爾. Again, i dun reli think he is strong with his live performance. It doesnt sound nice =X



Next up is the best herb in the world!! Who!? Of coz none other than 24 herbs!!! Seriously i nv heard their song b4 but poff! they appear and rap in front of me! love it! They blast the stage with firework too! LOLL



4th performers was Josh Lai 賴力豪! I alwiz call him lai liu ha (peeing prawn LOL) hahaha..anyway, never heard any of his song b4 but, he got a great voice :)



Next! dayDream!! Been love their song since day 1 and 1 of the latest song, Silly Dream feat Desiree Tan. However Desiree wasn't on there and theys ing it themself, lost the OMH! In addition, they sang my favourite band, 五月天 Mayday's 离开地球表面 song! ahhh love it to the max! Make me stop taking pics and sing along with them!





Chu Hao Ren 朱浩仁 was up next!! He look totally difference..i mean his appearance of coz..however the only part of his performance i enjoy most still his dancing ;)



The most surprise most of us was Suki Lau! She appeared with her first song, Firework (Katy Perry). Her voice was so much like Katy sound until we all thought is lip sync! The best performances was when she sing Born in this Way (Lady Gaga) feat. Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee. It was cool combination yo! And of coz, later on Chu Hao Ren 朱浩仁 came out again and duet with her



Thailand singer, Namcha rock the stage next with her gorgeous appearance and cute voice! She speak good english yo!



Olivia Ong song never failed to make me relax (and sometime sleep). Yes she is up right after Namcha performanced. Her live singing was splendid indeed ;)


Later on, Sam Lee 李燦森 a.k.a DJ Becareful rock the stage with the music beat for the next 1 hours! All audience enjoy themselves that time!

Finally, the icon of Asian Music Festival, Paul Wong 黃貫中 on his electric guitar and 11 songs to everyone! I stay a while on his performance since i am rushing to leaving after this.



Yes thats mean my Asian Music Festival post until here only :(

But fear not! Some video to share with u guys! The concert still go on!!

Next artist line up are SE7EN, The Bottom Blues, FAMA 农夫, Tiger Huang 黃小琥, ManHanD 慢行, A DO 阿杜, Jess Lee 李佳薇, Derrick Ho 何维健, Jing Chang 张芸京, Lollipop F 棒棒糖, Bibi 周筆暢 and finally, Edison Chen 陳冠希 feat MC Chef, MC Yan 仁 & DJ Prepare.

All video courtesy of JoshuaOng, SimonSeow and TimChew

I am so gonna cry and regret till daiii coz i miss Fama, Manhand and Jess Lee performance!! Sighh!! Nevertheles, Asian Music Festival was totally rocks! I swear next time i gonna attend it again and stay till d end!


Steven said...

Next time don't forget to ajak! Haha!

JohnWTKing said...

Hi Jackie, nice catches.
Which camera u used for this event?

Jackie Loi said...

@Steven hahaha next time la k? :P

@john Nikon D60 + Tammy 1750