Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Truly A Shopper Final

I was invited to the final show of Truely A Shopper. If u dunno what is this, click here to find it our more ;) The final event was take place in Celcius Bar, Farenheit88. A press conference was held before the event itself takes place.



And for the final round, is a round to determine who is the Shopping King/Queen (LOL). Swing Chan, Ing Kai Teo and Iva Aguero are the participants who manage to final.

 * Emcee & Judges *
 * Swing Chan *
 * Ing Kai Teo *
 * Iva Aguero *
 * Some interview with the judges *

Well, practically the event started but nth happen in between until the winner was announced ;X Not even dinner was served during the duration time..it make me starved like hell honestly ;X Not to mention the actually promised RM100 parkson voucher for us but it ended up voucher for woman stuff..blehh..However some lucky draw was on during the duration and lucky Samantha who won food voucher worth RM150..nais!

And winner was borned after that! The winner for Truely A Shopper goes to Swing Chan! Awesome! i have no idea how d judge goes but oh well, still congratulation to her! ;P

 * The winner is born! *
 * Grand Prize Winner, Swing Chan *


And some pics with friends during the event ;) (Photo credits to Yeeing)

 * With Sophia *
 * With Yeeing..i look good :P *
 * Group photo *

Well, there gonna be Episode 2 for Truely A Shopper :D