Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Truly A Shopper

So what is Truly A Shopper about? A super shopaholic? nah obviously is not! haha..Truly A Shopper is Malaysia's First Reality Show on Shopping! What Malaysian wouldn’t love an opportunity to indulge in retail therapy? Truly A Shopper is an upcoming online reality show that puts the spotlight on the nation’s favourite past time – shopping (perhaps only second to eating!). Together with Tourism Malaysia, the show celebrates the art of spending in the name of fashion and, well – all things money can buy, really! For more info, u can view http://www.trulyashopper.com/contests

There are 5 episodes for this event's. u can view it here ;) http://www.trulyashopper.com/webisode

Out of all this episode, i love episode 5 most!

And the shopper that gonna be my favourite is none other than Ing Kai Teo!

Reason why i like episode 5 is becoz they are given a certain amount of money and they have to come out with the style they love most! Isn't it sound like cosplaying? mayb? :P Ing Kai Teo gimme the most deep impression is because of his Alfro black hip hop style that he come out with in this episode! He just spend RM192 for the style and it seem no difficulty for him at all in doing this! He seem very confident ;)

I'll be attending the final and figure out who gonna be the winner! Stay tune to my blog ;)