Thursday, May 26, 2011

UCSI University Unifest 2011

Oh yes i attended my uni Unifest last sat. So how was it? i'll say it is pretty impressed they managed to get Hotlink as their main sponsor (oh my uni is integrated with Hotlink adi anyway). In addition, the managed to invited alot awesome performers! It was none other than Mizz Nina, Kyoto Protocol, Reza Salleh, Bus Company, An Honest Mistake, Ruffneckz, beatboxer Shawn Lee & DJ NickyC!

Honestly everything is perfect in this event! Only 1 thing i dun like..the location! they freaking done it on outdoor! not to mention, is on top the lousy parking mountain..what if rain? sure got mud rite since the idiot mountain parking still on construction and damn 9 7 alot stone and sand. "Oh no worry we got plan B in case rain"..tats what they said..Plan B? we'll c whats d Plan B.

 * They had a great stage setup! *
* The emcee *

Oh yes, that day was reli rain! So whats up with Plan B? *jeng jeng jeng*

 * oh yea Plan B! Raincoat to RESCUE! *
 * Victoria on Plan B while Joshua & Sophia go for Umbrella Operation *
* And me being emo wtf *

So yea plan B, continue enjoy the concert with raincoat for rescue that gonna stuff u hot till death! Not to mention the ground reli become muddy and wet..our shoe was totally dirty! Being unable bear with the situation, all of us leaved after An Honest Mistake and Mizz Nina peformance. After all they 2 are the reason we here and since they are the first 2 came out to perform, i guess thats reli in our favors.

Honestly, it is great event, great show but..not a great planning in terms of location. Cant reli enjoy the concert to max since it was rain, ground was muddy, idiot ppl with umbrella + wan to dance keep hitting me and dropping their water through umbrella to my body. If only they had done this in hall, i am sure gonna stay there till d ends! Not to mention, i'll bring my DSLR for sure :)

Dun get me wrong, i am excited with this event but i am disappointed with the managing. Pls be freaking consider the weather is ur nightmare whenever u did it outdoor! I am not gonna make myself sick by exposed to rain for the freaking 4~5 hours for ur concert!