Monday, June 20, 2011

Current Life : Busy-LOR

Ok i guess i been put down my eye on my blog lesser and lesser now. Not that i lazy blog or what, just nth much happen in my life recently. Been occupied with work from day to night, night to day and the routine goes none stop until..i done my work of coz!

Yea i been twitting alot emo stuff lately. Guy emo? money and girl lor what else rite? such an ez homosaphien to be understand tsk..recently i need to learn "Give and Take" I know all this while i've been learning giving more than what i take..i shall balance it back right now rite? or b more greedy, take more than give. Say me selfish, but this is cruel point being charity person when what i get in return just scar and wound in heart.

"heartbreaks last as long as u want & cut as deep as u allow them to go.."

Anyway, yea spam emo song weeee!! all are based my feeling now..sigh i wan sing k! wan sing out loud all my will! :(

Well, i guess the only things cheers me up currently was i WON AN IPAD2!! Honestly, it was something unexpectable ;) Will reveal it more how and where did i won this! Teehee waiting them to contact me to collect my ipad2 ;)..i am a proud BB, Android and Apple user now!


Oh well, will doing my best in my work! 6 more weeks to go! After that i am official end my study and

I love being vain once in a while :)