Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Global Smurfs Day by Sony Pictures

* Hey look is Smurfs! *

* Hey look! Is Smurfs with Malaysia flag! *
* Hey look! Smurfs again! What? 1st Sept?? *

Ohh emm geee!! Smurfs are everywhere in IPC Shopping Mall!!! Why!???

Well obviously because of the Smurfs movie that coming soon on 1st sept! In celebration of the Global Smurfs Day, Sony Pictures Malaysia took the opportunity to commemorate the special day in advance by hosting a Happy Smurfs Day which coincided with the 2011 Movie Carnival event at IPC.

Oh well if u dunno, that area has been invaded and populated by Smurfs! So dun step on them! In addition, media and special guests are required to wear blue on that day. So yea, here i am, blue shirt and yellow hair = Smurfette WTF!

* Ohai *

Oh not to mention all of us get to taste the 3D fondant Smurf Cupcake!! Kinda over sweet if u ask me ;X


Here are some of the pics on the event



* Carmen Phua - Marketing Manager of SOny Pictures Malaysia *

Sony Pictures Malaysia also offered everyone a chance to win the 46” SONY BRAVIA LCD TV in the Smurf-o-Graphy Contest. During the event, Carmen launched the “Smurf-O-Graphy” contest together with the costumer characters (Papa Smurf, Smurfette and Clumsy). The contest runs from 7th – 19th June, where contestants are invited to submit their most creative photo with the Smurfs costume characters during their appearances at selected times at IPC.

Contestants have to submit their photo with a slogan „Why would you like to watch The Smurfs in cinemas?” with the subject “Smurf-O-Graphy contest” via email to sonypicturesmalaysia@gmail.com or via post to c/o P.O. Box 8318, Pejabat Pos Kelana Jaya, 46786 Petaling Jaya for a chance to win the 46” Sony Bravia television and Smurfs premiums.

For more info, visit the Sony Pictures Malaysia‟s Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/SonyPicturesMalaysia