Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rhythm and Hue Studio

I am given chance to visit Rhythm and Hue Studio last wed together with my classmate. A studio that i been wanting to tried to enter and work :) It was located on Cyberjaya.

 * no idea what this building called LOL *

* Our favourite trademark whenever we are going visiting *

Enter international studio is what i alwiz wanted to after graduated. I left 1 more sem to go to graduate. Hope i able to achieve my dream :) My first impression when enter their studio was "WOW! Like Japanese restaurant feel!" LOL..thanks to the environment lighting and furniture there.

* meeting spot? :P *

We were greeted by Celine and she became our tour guide around the studio. And later on we are brought to screening room for some slide presentation and movie to watch!

* Celine *
* Everyone from Creative Art course *
* Their comp server room *
* Screening room entrance LOL *
* Just like mini cinema ;) *
* showing slide *

If u ask me, i love the working environment from them :) Though i havent reli decide which industry i gonna take on, but being able in Rhythm and Hue not reli a bad thing at all :) 7 more weeks for me to end my study and another 3 months Internship. Lets see what i am capable off after this!