Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sen Kee Duck Satay

Been drooling over Duck Satay once I heard from Esther about it since last week. Thus I did abit googling job and found out there is 1 nearby Kepong, called Seng Kee Satay. Being curious over it, asked Victoria and CJ along. And i felt sorry for them because i am doing imperfect job. The address i got from google was located at Taman Desa Jaya. But in fact, they had moved to Desa Aman Puri..We like an idiot round around Taman Desa Jaya for 10~20 min until i manage google about it again and relocate it.

So here we are, Seng Kee Satay! we aim for DUCK of coz! It cost RM0.80 per stick

Here are the colored and textured of the duck satay.

Taste? Ya taste nice but yet, it taste like chicken wtf. Not to mention on first glance the color and texture look like chicken too ;( Honestly 3 of us felt nth taste close to duck =X a plain disappointed was shown on our face....

Some told me they famous with their sauce, i dun reli tried since it has been my habit eat without saunce. I guess, still nothing gonna beat pork satay that i had in Melaka.