Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bloggers without Borders!

Hey guys! I need a favor from you all! What? What favor?


Shhhh…it is not save to write it out! Watch the video below I had made!!

I wanna go Philippines! So as I mention in the video, just SUGGEST anything and VOTE for me in the Bloggers without Borders contest and I’ll do according what u guys decide! Pretty cool rite!!??


If u ask me, I personally would love to get delicious local food from Philippines itself!!

For example Tapsilog, Pinakbet with Shrimp or one of their best dessert, Halo-halo

* Tapsilog *
* Pinakbet *

* Halo - Halo *

I don’t mind going some historical or interesting place in Philippine as well such as Greenhills Shopping Center, one of the metro's popular bargain places, especially for consumer electronics, clothing and other merchandise.

Philippine sound so awesome right!?? So pls pls pls make a SUGGESTION for me and start VOTING so that I can be there! :D :D

Courtesy of Hotlink Prepaid Data Roaming, I’ll be tweeting, blogging and posting every of my journey!


So dun wait! Start SUGGEST and VOTE for me here ( now! :D