Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random ABC

Been thinking alot this few days. Yea, i started to loose myself from assignment and able to spend some times to think unnecessary stuff. It has been 6 months..
I hate it when u lost trust on me..i hate it when u still trying to put trust on me when u already lost trust on me...
i hate it u trying to be somebody not urself after v broke..i hate it u trying to force urself to suit or talk to me after we broke..

i know u r trying hard, to maintain our relationship as friend, but it hurt me :(..i just feel like run away and forget about u..
Dun think too much :) i just wan u to happy
i knew i alwiz nv been honest to myself...i still miss u everynite..i still got feeling on u..

no matter what..we'll never get back, or i refuse to..sorry