Saturday, July 02, 2011

Usaid, Carmen & Sharon Convocation @ UCSI 2011

Just back from my uni convocation this morning. The main purposed for me to be there was for 3 people only, my senior Usaid and Carmen from my course and Sharon from Mass Comm :)

Went there around 12.30pm and it was flooded with people around. Sad to say, it hardly to occupied everyone inside there. Hmm guess i need make a plan B for myself for my own convo next year XP

Well, as usual, stuff will get delayed. Waited almost 1 hours and finally, get to meet my both senior :)

* The first batch who graduated from 3D Animation course *
* With lecturers *
* And us from 2nd batch *

And met Sharon half way when i am walking around on Block A.

* The love bird *
* With Sharon *

Congrate to all of u :)

This was my 2nd time being in people convo..i geuss the third convo i gonna attend would be..myself? which gonna be next year :)