Monday, August 15, 2011

Don Don Sushi Food Review

I was invited by Marilyn to Don Don Sushi for food review. It was opened by her friend, located at Sunwaymas Commecial Centre PJ. Went there together with Mike, Victoria, Amelia and Elaine as well.


Don Don Sushi served a very affordable japanese food and in an express way as well. Suitable for busy people who wanna grab quick meal.

* The cute sauce and Wasabi paste for take away *

Well, we are served with alot of foods on that day! Here are what we have on that day :)

 * Teriyaki Salmon RM12.90 *
 * Teriyaki Chicken RM11.90 *
 * Unagi Don RM12.90 *
 * Chicken Curry Katsu RM10.90 *
 * Chicken Katsu RM11.90 *
 * California Roll *
* Soft Shell Crab RM5.90 *

Most of their food are quite up to standard and decent. What attract me most was they way they served California Roll. u r rite, tats California Roll, not norimaki type ;/. Well according to them, tats how they served all type of California roll.

I was a huge fans of Chicken Katsu Don and the chicken katsu served by them taste difference from what i usually ate. Nice or not is up to individual preference but i still can accept it :) For the Unagi Don, some of them felt the Unagi was too little. BUt, tats what u get for the price isn't it?

Other than that, everything was pretty cool and decent :) They promise they'll improve their quality and more type of food coming soon! So if u stay or work nearby Sunwaymas Commecial Centre PJ, drop by the shop! It was located same row with CIMB Bank :)