Monday, August 08, 2011

Our Last Day His Farewell

If u guys dunno, i am assignment free now!! oh wait, i shud said, i am University Free now!! I am no longer student! weee!!! oh well not exactly true, i still need to go through an internship on this coming september till december ;/

Nevertheless, the feeling let go assignment burden is awesome! I can sleep as much as i like! I can goyang-goyang as hard as i like opss! Well, before my semester end, all of us got a news that our lecturer, Mr Ser En gonna stop teaching and continue his master.

He was the main lecturer for year 3 and been teaching alot about outside world and some tips to us. I reli do appreciated all advices he given to me until today. And seeing him leaving, it a lost for my junior who going year 3 next year.

Anyway, we year 3 students celebrate his farewell at Chilis last thurs, right after our final presentation for our FYP with him. Well, we managed to make him stand on the chair and give speech on that day XP




Went to uni on next day for my junior Animation presentation and manage to get a photo with him for the last time. Oh well, he got cute side also ;/

Wish him all d best in his study! ;) While i will partay all d way before my intern! yayyy!!