Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spaghetti Grill @ Mid Valley

Long time din try new food, new shop. Love my holiday now especially able to spend time with the one i love :) Yesterday went to Mid Valley for E-Commerce event just for look see look see. While searching food for lunch, we ended up to this shop due to the cheap set.



Both of us ordered Curry Pizza and Chicken Panini.


So, what can i say for d food? RM9.95 in Mid Valley is damn cheap! But it doesnt mean damn good. FOr me the food is kinda decent and nth special. The taste for curry pizza like Roti Canai..or mayb Naan LOL. It doesnt have any meat inside, just cheese. Meanwhile, the Chicken Panini taste normal with thick flour on it.

As i said, dun expect it was superb good but then again, it still manage to make us full :)