Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gunlock 3D Animation at Wei-Ling Gallery!

Updated : I'll be there on 6th September 2011 for the opening ceremony on 6.30pm at the Garden, 6th Floor, Wei-ling Gallery :) For those who interested to come, do lemme know because need invitation card to go in and i got limited card only. So sort of first come first basis. Thanks! :D

Holaaa! If u guys dunno i am on holiday now after complete my long life course! Yeap i am done studying! i am jobless now but i am enjoying single bits of my life that i lost it during contributing to my assignment and final year project!

Another poster done by my partner, Nelson ;)

Anyway! This is my Final Year Project work, Gunlock! A short animation involving 2 people team work, Me and Nelson. This animation is regarding the main character, Vermouth seeking for revenge on Bourdon who nearly killed him last time.

This animation consisted 4 characters :

Vermouth - The main hero on this movie. He is a Sherif who seeking for revenge.

Bourdon - A bulldog who affected by strong Canine parvovirus disease and spread it to Rey & Tennessee.

Rey and Tennessee - Bourdon sidekick. Both of them are twin that get affected by Canine parvovirus.

The genre of this animation is action! yupz, it was my first experience doing action based animation and we manage to complete it in 14 weeks from scratch to toe, concept to end product and *jeng jeng jeng*, we are making it into Wei-Ling Gallery!

Join me at The Garden on 7 and 8th September 2011! *time to be confirmed* to visit me and my others friends Animation and art work there! Well, support local 3D Animation yo! or support me la rite? XP

Here a teaser for my Gunlock ;)

See you all there! Just buzz me if u guys around ;) i'll be there!


Isaac Tan said...

really nice teaser yo! Now i know what you do when you always tweet that you are finishing the assignments. Cool weh


Simon Seow said...

Wah, you use hard liquor names for your character lol

Jackie Loi said...

@isaac haha lets hope someday my animation and my name on worldwide cinema ;P


Anonymous said...

I want watch, can I downlaod? haha